English Language Education

Roughly 22% of Massachusetts’ residents speak a language other than English in their home. At Massachusetts Virtual Academy, we appreciate that some of our students fall in to this category and have a specific need for English Language instruction in order to fully benefit from the English-only mainstream classroom. Through our English Language Education (ELE) Program, we work to provide each student with the support and specialized language instruction they need. Working in partnership with all involved in each student’s learning (the student’s teachers, the ELL Specialist, the Family Engagement Coordinator, family members, etc.), we will provide each ELL student with an educational plan catered to his/her specific language needs.

English language learners and students whose primary home language is other than English are identified upon registration so that second language instruction and translation services can be provided. ELL students are assessed using the WIDA-ACCESS for ELLs Placement Test (W-APT). In addition, ELL students will be assessed annually using the ACCESS for ELLs Test. Students who are identified as ELLs will work with our ELL Specialist in our Sheltered English Immersion program (SEI).

Our SEI Program entails:

  • All students in these programs are from various linguistic backgrounds.
  • Classes are provided in English as a Second Language (ESL).
  • Courses are specifically designed and delivered for learning content and English based on the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks.
  • Additional instructional materials are used to support the English language and content development of ELLs.

At Massachusetts Virtual Academy, we are dedicated to ensuring that all of our students – including those who are not yet fluent in English – receive the best education possible. At MAVA, we believe that language is a multiplier for ELL students, and once it is fully acquired, doors are open and our students’ innate skills are able to flourish!

For any additional information regarding our ELE Program, please email Ragan at randerson@gcvs.org.