Special Education

The Massachusetts Virtual Academy (MAVA) at Greenfield is a public school and, as such, we support students with disabilities by providing both specialized instruction and related services. We follow the federal mandates as outlined in the IDEA and the Massachusetts Special Education Laws.

Students who enter MAVA with an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) will be placed with a Certified Special Education Teacher. If the student enters with an IEP that calls for specialized instruction in reading and/or math, the Special Education Teacher will provide services, virtually, in 2-4 sessions a week, for 30-60 minutes each. When the IEP calls for special education support in the inclusive setting, the Special Education Teacher will conduct breakout sessions, when possible, either individually or in small groups.

Related services, such as speech, physical and occupational therapy, and counseling are provided either through the home district (at their option), or through a contracted on-line therapy provider.

A transitional special education team meeting will take place at MAVA offices, or virtually, to adjust the services in the IEP to the new virtual setting.

MAVA also provides education for parents and Learning Coaches on Special Education Law and the provision of accommodations for students with special needs. The MAVA Special Education Director is also an integral member of the Special Education Parent Advisory Council, as stipulated in CMR 603, the Special Education Laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. This parent-led Council gives input to the MAVA administration and plans trainings and other events for parents of students with disabilities. Parents who are interested in being part of the Council are encouraged to contact the Special "Education Director at 413.475.3879 ext.14 or bkumin@gcvs.org.

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