Letter from Our Administrative Team

Dear Parents,

We are proud to announce the opening of the first diploma-granting virtual commonwealth school in Massachusetts—the Massachusetts Virtual Academy at Greenfield Commonwealth Virtual School—which is available for students statewide in grades K–12.

Our mission is as follows:

Massachusetts Virtual Academy at Greenfield, the Commonwealth’s first virtual K-12 public school, delivers a transformative education with unique strengths and flexibility perfectly suited for the modern world.

Our approach encourages critical thinking and an independent learning style that meets the key needs of diverse learners by providing educational resources that cultivate curiosity, exploration and inquiry.

The opening of Massachusetts Virtual Academy at Greenfield is the realization of a vision to provide families and school districts across the state with a high quality, virtual public school option. We know that there are students who are unable or unwilling to regularly attend a brick-and-mortar school. For these students a virtual school provides a lifeline to an education—an option that works with a student's unique educational and personal needs or challenges.

In establishing Massachusetts Virtual Academy at Greenfield, we use the award-winning K12 curriculum—a leading company in virtual education with curriculum designed by experts. The rigorous, content-rich curriculum of K12 courses meets or exceeds Massachusetts state standards across all subject areas. Students demonstrate their knowledge and skills through curriculum assessments that track achievement. Our students are required to participate in the state’s testing program (MCAS).

Students and families enrolled in Massachusetts Virtual Academy at Greenfield, are partnered with a team of knowledgeable and experienced educators. Highly qualified, Massachusetts-licensed teachers are behind every course and will work with families to monitor student progress, attendance, and content mastery while providing professional insight, instruction, and support.

Students wishing to apply or seeking more information about the program or enrollment should call toll-free 866.467.0843 or visit our How-to-Enroll page.

As experienced educators, we know that deciding on a best-fit schooling option is not a decision to be taken lightly. We encourage you to learn more about our program and consider if it is a good match. Our staff will help families and referring school districts determine whether or not a student is apt to benefit from this model and, if so, provide guidance for applications, orientation, and setup.

On behalf of everyone involved in establishing the new Massachusetts Virtual Academy at Greenfield Commonwealth Virtual School, we are delighted to open this virtual school, and we look forward to creating a high-quality education experience for participating parents and students.

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Massachusetts Virtual Academy at Greenfield