Strong Start Program

At Massachusetts Virtual Academy at Greenfield, you’ll find we’re deeply committed to your academic success, and that we have a great support team of teachers and administrators who are ready to help you. Our support begins the moment your student is approved in our school to ensure a smooth transition into our virtual learning environment. Our many resources, plus teachers and school staff, help students and parents/Learning Coaches become well-prepared for the school year.

One invaluable resource is our Strong Start Program, which is specifically designed for newly enrolled families and provides proven strategies for ensuring a successful start to the school year. The program contains great information, videos, and tools to get you and your student(s) off to the best possible start, including:

  • A robust Parent Network that provides helpful tutorials about using the Online School and tips for creating your student’s learning environment.
  • K-8 and high school-specific resources to ensure Learning Coaches are prepared for their student’s year ahead.
  • A checklist for what to do before starting school, as well as how to connect to teachers, how to track and set up materials, and tips on how to get organized.
  • A schedule of upcoming school events.
  • Details about online activities such as orientations, clubs, summer camps and live discussions.

We look forward to partnering with you on this exciting journey of online learning!